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Hai Kuch Khas
Falhari Namkeen
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Kuch Khatta
Mitha Ho jaye
Motilal Bhujiyawala Khatta Mitha Mixture
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Madrashi Namkeen
Motilal Bhujiyawala Madrashi Namkeen
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In 1980, a small shop named Motilal Bhujiyawala opened by Shri Moti Singh Purohit ji won the hearts of the local community “Barkheda Pathani” located in Bhopal district of Madhya Pradesh. Later the popularity of savories (namkeen) reached throughout the state and this tradition is carried out today by our third generation in all the major cities of Madhya Pradesh. With all our recipes and traditional blends, we are committed to making a better impact on our customers through all our products. Our ingredients are handpicked from the best quality source present today. Today, with our brand name Motilal Bhujiyawala Namkeen. We continue to earn a promising name in the field of traditional taste and quality snacks in urban areas of Madhya Pradesh as well.

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